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Grade 4
Instructor: David Domena   
Welcome to the classroom web page for Mr. D's 4th grade class, room 14!

Here you will find announcements, helpful links regarding homework, and more!

I'm excited about how well the class has done so far, and cannot wait to see the progress we all make, together, throughout the year!

Thanks for stopping by!
Web Pages
Upcoming Events
We are in the stretch run of the school year now, and the students have grown so much thus far! Here are some of the exciting things we have coming up through the end of the school year:

--State Testing starts this Thursday for us. This year the students are being tested on ELA and Math, with Science being added next year when they are in 5th grade. While I do not want the students to stress out about the testing, I would like them to put their best effort forward and represent their ability level accurately. This means getting good rest the night before and a good breakfast the day of. Anything you can do to help your student succeed is much appreciated;

--No school on Friday, April 22nd;

--Gold Rush Assembly on Friday, May 13th;

--Gold Dust or Bust play on Wednesday, May 18th, at 6pm in the MPR;

--Minimum Days June 6th - June 8th;

--Last Day of School Wednesday, June 8th.

Any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to me, thanks!
California Missions Due Dates
The California Missions report is due this Friday, February 26 and the California Missions project is due the following Friday, March 4.

The grading rubric that I will use (and was provided to each student in January) is posted on the classroom website.

I look forward to seeing the creative and original thought processes that our wonderful students put into these!
California Missions
Our homework for the rest of January and into February will be focusing on the California Missions and getting students ready for the big project coming up.

You may see different type(s) of homework assigned, other than the usual Homework Page so far this year.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding!
Happy Holidays
I would like to thank you all for a wonderful first part of the school year. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season.

I look forward to more learning and growth in the new year!
Crazy Hair Day
There are some images from Crazy Hair Day during Red Ribbon Week at the bottom of this page in the Crazy Hair Day folder.
Red Ribbon Week
This week is our school wide Red Ribbon Week, with daily activities to focus on saying "NO" to drugs.

Monday -- Wear as much red as you can;

Tuesday -- Put drugs to sleep by wearing your PJ's;

Wednesday -- Cowboy up against drugs by wearing western attire;

Thursday -- Crazy hair and crazy sock day;

Friday -- Wear a Superhero costume to say NO to drugs!

I will post some photos on this site from the week's events!
Science Project
We worked on a pretty cool science experiment a couple of weeks ago, where we put food coloring in water bottles and left plain white carnations in them through the school week. Each day we observed the changes in our carnations and tracked if our predictions were accurate or not. See the attached image for how some of them turned out!
Thinking Maps
As October begins, we are pushing ahead in our teamwork and positive learning environment. Calimesa Elementary is a Thinking Maps school, meaning we learn various strategies to organize our thoughts and carry out assignments!

Room 14 will be focusing on learning and utilizing Thinking Maps in our educational setting. The first two may look familiar: Circle Maps and Bubble Maps. You can find links with further information to these Maps on this class website.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!
Practice Cards
Hello there!

Room 14 is rocking and rolling with hard work, learning and GENIUS TALK!!! A great start to the year, indeed. Unfortunately, on occasion my friends forget our 5 Classroom Rules:

1) Follow Directions Quickly
2) Raise Your Hand for Permission to Speak
3) Raise Your Hand for Permission to Leave Your Seat
4) Make Smart Choices
5) Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy

If the rules are being ignored or forgotten habitually, I will send a small Practice Card for the student to practice the corresponding rule at home. The expectation is that the student practice with a parent or guardian, who then signs the back of the card, and the student returns it the next day. Failure to carry this task out completely will result in further consequences, such as lost recess time.

I just wanted to provide a quick outline of this behavioral strategy to make it clear for all involved. Thanks for your time!
Homework Questions
The second week of homework brought much more thoughtful and completed work, with more questions from home, as well. I truly appreciate the communication that I have been receiving!

Hopefully your students are directing you to this website for assistance and clarification, as some of the terms in this curriculum are foreign. Please utilize this resource as your first checkpoint, so as not to lose an entire evening of homework progress.

I've added some links to a parent newsletter developed by another school district that uses the Engage NY exclusively in the hopes that it can offer a bit more explanation on what we are doing in class.

We are currently in Module 1, Topic A...check out the link for some helpful tips! Thanks for all of your help and correspondence!
Homework Begins!!!
Although some students were looking more forward to homework than others, I saw a good effort in the first assigned homework page.The priority is still firmly on caring and effort, with comprehension and accuracy to follow in turn.

In addition, our weekly homework page will serve to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility in the student, as they are always welcome to work ahead, when possible.

Finally, I've added a link below to a quick video explaining IVF Summaries. Feel free to watch it to gain a better understanding of this comprehension strategy, as we will be using these throughout the year.
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 Crazy Hair Day
Images from Crazy Hair Day during Red Ribbon Week.
Images from Halloween last week.
 Weekly Homework
Weekly homework assignments
 California Missions Rubric.pdf
California Missions grading rubric
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